Matatalab Coding Set
A hands-on Coding Robot for kids aged 4-9 Develops Cognitive Abilities, Imagination, and Coding Skills through Hands-on Play


Matatalab Coding set
Matatalab lite
Helps kids learn how to code by playing with a screenless, words free educational coding game. Kids will program a robot, creating music, art and many more through this kit!
We know kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, eyes, and ears. This is essential for cognitive development, so we have created a solution for kids to start coding from a young age.
Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. Kids receive instant feedback, and quickly learn that coding is simple. Starting young and equipped with an understanding of fundamental concepts, kids at a later age will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of real programming at school and can learn without fear.

Get to Know

MatataBot is a robot car that enhances the thrill of adventure, its unique attachments allow it to draw and sing too! It helps kids learn about STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and develop problem-solving skills.
Command Tower
With image recognition, it tells the MatataBot where to go! Kids can also put their favorite Lego® Minifigures in the command room.
Control Board
Place the blocks on the board to conquer stages together with MatataBot. Hit the button, and the MatataBot executes your program.
Coding Blocks
Tangible coding blocks make coding touchable and playable, helping kids concentrate, through enjoyment. Coding becomes a hands-on experience — literally!
Nature Map and Challenge Booklets
Take little MatataBot on an adventure through the nature map. Use the step by step challenge booklets to get from beginner to intermediate coders.


  • Works without screen or with iPad app
  • Game based learning
  • Word free
  • Draw, move and play music
  • Programming blocks
    • Movements - forward, backward, left turn, right turn
    • Art - turn at an angle (30,36,45,60,72,108,120,135,144,150)
    • Music
    • Animation
    • Sensor



Coding Set - Coding like ABC by matatalab
Matatalab coding set
Coding Set PRO- Coding like ABC by Matatalab
Matatalab Pro coding set - includes artist and music addon
Matatalab Lite
Matatalab Musician Add-on
Artist Add-on for Coding set by matatalab
Matatalab Sensor Add-on
Matatalab Animation Add-on