Use Global Variable to Interact with Sprites

Programming result

When you rotate HaloCode around the y-axis, the sun on stage will rotate as well.

Introduction to HaloCode's Axes

The axes of HaloCode are as follows:

Create a new variable

1. Click Variables category, and then click "Make a Variable". Name the variable "y".

2. Add a Variables block set (y) to () and a Sensing block rotation angle around (). Choose "Y" axis.

Add event and control

3. Add an Events block when button is pressed and a Control block forever.

Add a sprite

4. Under "Sprites", click "+". Choose "Sun1".

5. Delete default sprite "Panda".

Program the sun

6. Add a Motion block turn ↷ () degrees and a Variables block y.

7. Add an Events block when green flag clicked and a Control block forever.

8. Rotate HaloCode and see what happens.

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