Grove 3 Axis Digital Accelerometer 400g

The H3LIS331DL is a low power high performance 3-axis linear accelerometer belonging to the “nano” family, with digital I2C serial interface standard output. The device features ultra low power operational modes that allow advanced power saving and smart sleep to wake-up functions. The H3LIS331DL has dynamically user selectable full scales of ±100g/±200 g/±400 g and it is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 0.5 Hz to 1 kHz.


  • Wide power range DC3.3V to 5V

  • Grove outline

  • 3 axis sensing

  • Small, low-profile package: 3×3×1mm TFLGA

  • Low power 300µA at 3.3V (typical)

  • ±100g /±200 g /±400 g dynamically selectable full scale

  • I2C digital output interface

  • 10000 g high shock survivability

  • ECOPACK®RoHS and “Green” compliant

!!!Tip More details about Grove modules please refer to Grove System

Application Ideas

  • Shock detector

  • Impact recognition and logging

  • Concussion detection

Platforms Supported


Here below we show you how to read the raw data from this accelerometer.

  1. Download the Digital Accelerometer(±400g) Library and unpack it into arduino-1.0\libraries in your Arduino installation folder.

  2. Open the demo code directly by the path:File -> Example ->Grove_3Axis_Digital_Accelerometer_H3LIS331DL->H3LIS331DL_AdjVal. It is a sketch to adjust the raw data of H3LIS331DL to make it more precise.

  3. Upload the code and open the serial monitor.


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