MatataBot Upgrade

Please check first the SN number on your MatataBot, and if it starts with “MTT1807”, please turn to the section: The MTT1807 pre-upgrade instructions.

pagePre Upgrade Instructions - MatataBot

Firstly, please download MatataCode 2.0 on your iPhone/iPad. MatataCode 2.0 only supports iOS 11.0 and newer. Android system will be available in the future.

Turn on MatataBot and make sure it is not connected to the Tower or Controller. (The blue light is blinking slowly)

Open MatataCode, change to “Upgrade” view. Click “Search” to search the device,, the device name of the MatataBot should be “MatataBot” or “Matalab”.

Click the device name and connect to MatataCode. Click “Ready”, then the MatataBot will enter into upgrade mode.

Click on “mdfubot” or “MataDfu” which is the device name of the MatataBot

After the device is connected to the App, click “DFU start” to start the DFU upgrade

After the progress bar is fully loaded, You will hear a cheer sound and some blinks of the LED eyes of MatataBot.

Congratulations, the upgrade is finished and your MatataBot is ready to play now.

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