Matata Tower Upgrade

STEP 1: Get ready of the need-to-upgrade Command Tower, a Control board, a USB-C data line, a PC with WIN7 or newer system, an iPhone/iPad with MatataCode downloaded.

STEP 2: Run the upgrade software on a WIN-PC, and connect the Command Tower to the PC through a USB-C data line. Then turn on the Tower. You can find the software here

pageResources for Upgrade

When the driver is not installed, the interface is as shown above. Click “Install the driver.”

STEP 3: Shut down the application, and dis-connect the Tower, and plug in the USB-C data line again. Turn on the application again, it shows the connection built.

STEP 4: Make sure the Tower is connected, click “Upgrade the system”.

STEP 5: Following the instruction of the application to start the upgrade. When this popup shows, press the Play button and keep pressing.

STEP 6: Click “OK”, wait until there is a progress bar, you can release the Play button.

STEP 7: Don't do anything, wait for the software to run automatically until you see "Upgrade completed" on the right.

STEP 8: After the upgrade is finished, click “Upgrade Bluetooth” to let the Tower enters into Bluetooth upgrade mode.

STEP 9: When you see it shows “DFU Start OK”on the message window, your Command Tower is ready for Bluetooth upgrade with the MatataCode 2.0.

STEP 10: Click “Upgrade” on the App, then find the device name “mdfutow” or “MataDfu”

STEP 12: The “MataDfu” is the Bluetooth name share by the old version Tower and MatataBot, you need the choose the right device type before you start to upgrade.

STEP 13: Enter into DFU upgrade, click “Start”

STEP 14: After the progress bar is fully loaded, restart the Command Tower to finish the upgrade.

Get Matatalab's Matata Code APP on App Store by searching 'Matata Code'.

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