OTTO enclosures 3D and laser cut files

otto can have 3D printed parts or laser cut file to make range of enclosures

OTTO for Arduino Nano EVERY board

Otto DIY with Arduino Nano every board will have different head file as there is minor difference in the USB port. The Nano Every is using Micro USB.

OTTO V9 Files

OTTO v9 file includes Head, Body, Leg and foot. You will need to print one of Head and Body while 2 print of Leg and foot. If you are using Arduino Nano Every board then use the Head STL file from above list.

OTTO basic and plus shares same 3D files that can be downloaded from here -

OTTO Humanoid can be found here -

On the WiKi factory there are range of OTTO remix that also be downloaded from here -

OTTO Laser Cut

You will need a Laser cut machine ro someone that provides you the service and send the specific format that the machine will use for example .dwg .svg .ai or .pdf While allows setting any thickness this is really meant be be cut in 3mm plywood with the exception of servo mounts in the body (the two top most parts) which should be cut from 5mm plywood to get the right depth for the servos. Material with different but similar thickness should also work just fine. Check that the (body) servos will poke through the two layers. Always measure the actual thickness as it often differs from the nominal value. Baltic birch has worked well for us. Poppler is a bit weak but may work now as some weak points in the model have been addressed. Generate the body Generate the legs

Paper craft

You can download paper craft to dress your OTTO -

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