Neuron Blocks

Take your imagination a step further with Neuron. The Neuron system includes 30 electronic blocks, from light sensor, infrared sensor, to humidity sensor. Connect your Codey to Neuron to explore more fun.

Add Neuron Blocks

1. Make sure "Codey" is selected and click "+" in the Blocks area.

2. From the pop-up Extension Center page, click "+" to add Neuron blocks.

3. Go back to Edit Page, you can find Neuron category added to the block palette.

Have Some Fun

Let's try out the new Neuron Blocks. We will use the LED Strip of the Neuron system to make a simple project.

1. Connect the LED Strip to Codey.

2. Drag a when button () is pressed block from the Events category to the Scripts area.

3. Drag a LED Strip () lights up () block from the Neuron category. Set the colors of all LEDs as repeating sequences.

4. Click "Upload" to upload the program to Codey.

5. Press button A and check how the LED strip lights up.

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