Tools Needed

The Ringo is a kit designed to educate, but it’s far from a toy.

And as such, it requires some real tools.

The equipment and tools required for the assembly are not included in the standard kit.

The tools required are essential whenever assembling, fixing or modifying electronic devices and are the tools of the trade for every maker/hardware hacker/modder/electrician.

Here's the list of tools needed :

  1. USB soldering iron

  2. Small cross screwdriver

  3. USB power brick for the soldering iron

  4. Needle-nose pliers

  5. Soldering iron stand

  6. Diagonal cutter pliers

  7. A small reel of rosin-cored solder

  8. Power cable for the soldering iron

  9. Desoldering vacuum tool (solder sucker)

  10. Cleaning sponge

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