Set up your Ringo

We’re done with the assembly process and now it’s finally time to see this thing in action!

Firstly, if you have received a SIM card with your CircuitMess Ringo kit, take it out and pop it out at the 2nd smallest size (micro SIM).

If you didn’t receive a SIM card with your kit, or if you don’t have one that you can use, don’t worry, your Ringo can function just fine without a SIM card (except for calls and messages, duh!).

Still, we advise that you should insert a SIM card if you have one before going further.

The SIM card slot is located on the left side of the device, and you need to insert it so that the notch on the SIM card faces upwards (check the picture).

When inserting it you should hear a click when it sits in the slot.

The Micro SIM slot has a push-push mechanism (push when inserting and push when removing).

NOTE: SIM can be inserted in multiple ways but it will only work if it’s inserted the right way. After inserting the SIM card, restart the phone so that the SIM module can reload the card.

IMPORTANT: Before turning your Ringo on, we recommend charging your phone for at least one hour.

The batteries come discharged in order to preserve their chemical composition.

After it charged for a while, press the ON button on the bottom right side of the phone.

Your Ringo should power on and boot into the Startup wizard.

Follow the on-screen instructions of the startup wizard to check if everything works right.

Your phone is now up and running! Bravo!

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