Small power full microcontroller with amazing potential for school. It supports Graphical and Python programming language.

Key Features:

  • Small micro-controller board designed by BBC for use in computer education in the UK

  • Bunch of sensors, buttons and display are packed on 4cm x 5cm board

  • Online programming tool and eco-system of learning material makes it ideal kit for school students

  • Online emulator makes it convenient to learn programming even without the board


  • 25 individually-programmable LEDs – Create icons, display scrolling text or numbers or even graphs!

  • 2 programmable buttons – Use them as input and trigger a piece of code on the device

  • Physical connection pins – Connect external components like a motor, speaker or LEDs

  • Light and temperature sensors – Measure physical parameters to make light and temperature dependent systems

  • Motion sensors (accelerometer and compass) – Measure the acceleration, movement, shake or tilt of the Micro:bit board and use them as trigger in your code; Compass lets you detect the direction your board is facing!

  • Wireless Communication, via Radio and Bluetooth – Communicate with PC, mobile or other

  • Micro:bit wirelessly USB interface – Connect to your PC and download code to it.

What do we need?

Computer with internet connection, Micro:bit, USB cable

Online course


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