Pre Upgrade Instructions - MatataBot

If the serial number of your matatabot starts with MTT1807, then you are required to do this step. Otherwise, you can move on to MatatBot Upgrade.

pageMatataBot Upgrade

Connect MatataBot and Win-PC through ST-link datalink provided by Matatalab, then turn on the MatataBot. Right-click on MatataBotUpgrade.exe, choose “Run as an administrator”. You can find the application here.

pageResources for Upgrade

Click the “Upgrade” button the start the upgrade. If it shows “upgrade fails”, please click “Install Driver” to setup the drive manually.

After the progress bar is 100% loaded, your MatataBot is ready for DFU upgrade with MatataCode App now.

Now, you can go to the MatataBot Upgrade page.

pageMatataBot Upgrade

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