Grove Base Shield for Photon

Grove Base Shield for Photon is an expansion shield board which incorporate Grove port on which you can build more powerful and intelligent applications with much richer and cost-effective Grove functional modules. It gets three digital ports, two analog ports, two I2C ports and one UART port. It a kind of plug-and-play board which will accelerate your prototyping process dramatically.


  • Grove interfaced

  • Connect to massive and low-cost Grove modules

  • I2C, UART ports integrated

Application ideas

  • Compact IoT applications such as smart router.


Grove ports

3 digital ports 2 analog ports 2 I2C ports 1 UART port.


53 × 53 mm



Hardware Overview

Parts list

Parts name


Grove Base Shield for Photon


Getting Started

Note: In this case we show you a general development environmental.

Material required


1. Refer to [here]( to connect to a device (PC or Mac).

!!!Note 1. We recommend that you choose node.js v4.2.3 LTS especially for Windows 10 user. 2. You may need to one more steps after run command particle setup, that is, connect you device (PC or Mac) to a wi-fi AP whose name contain Photon, especially on Windows 10.

2. Use [Web IDE]( for your project. Login with your account and choose your device (click the 2nd last icon on left column).

!!!Note We recommend you choose Web IDE to compile or flashing your code to Photon which is much quicker than using Particle Dev, if your internet connectivity is not so good.

3. Connect them like following:

4. Now you can copy following code to Web IDE and flash them to Photo by clicking a lighting-like icon (the 1st icon on left column).

!!!Note Copy the code only to the tab named filename.ino.

   Use digital pin D4
   This example code is in the public domain.
   by xiaohe
int led1 = D4; //set D4 as output

void setup() {
    pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
    // enable buzzing
    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);

    // We'll leave it on for 1 second...

    // Then we'll turn it off...
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);

    // Wait 1 second...

    // And it will repeat!


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