Emotion Detector

When a happy face is detected, the LED ring of HaloCode will light up, and make a smiling face.

Add a sprite

1. Delete default sprite Panda

2. Add a new sprite, Empty button14

3. Change the color, and size of the button.

4. In the Blocks Area, click "+ extension" to add Cognitive Services (AI) blocks

5. Drag an Events block when this sprite clicked to the Scripts Area. Add an AI block recognize emotion after (1) seconds

6. Add a Control block ig () then (), an AI block emotion is (happiness)?, and an Events block broadcast (). Create a new piece of message named "laugh"

7. Check the box of AI block happiness value () to display the value on stage

HaloCode makes a smiling face

8. Add an Events block 当when I receive (laugh), and a Lighting block show (). Draw a smiling face

9. Add a Control block wait (2) seconds, and a Lighting block light off all LEDs

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