Get Started

In this section, a quick start guide will help you get started with Codey Rocky.

Connect Codey Rocky to mBlock 5

1. Open mBlock 5. Connect Codey to your computer via the USB cable. (For mBlock App, please follow the on-screen instructions.)

2. Press the Power button to turn on Codey.

3. Make sure Codey is selected and click Connect. From the pop-up "Connect Device" window, click Connect.

Create a Codey Rocky Project

Let's start with a simple project, to make Codey play the sound of "hello" when being shaken.

1. Drag a when Codey is shaking block from the Events category to the scripts area.

2. Drag a play sound () block from the Speaker category, and add it onto the existing block.

3. Click "Upload" to upload the program to Codey.

4. Try shaking Codey!

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